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About Us

GC&C (Graham Cooper & Cerf) Technologies which is inspired by great inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Vint Cerf and Martin Cooper, who has invented communication system and this is a tribute that we have named to our company after great inventions.

Our worldwide conveyance and develop commitment models are intended to improve productivity, efficiency, and bring consistency. We always improve and actualize new procedures, systems and best works on giving our customers the triumphant edge.

Our Core Services

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development and consulting services to enable you to pull off your next task with less pressure and less expense. Our group has the innovation ability to control you at each phase of your product advancement life-cycle, from revelation to progressing post-dispatch upgrade.

Mobile Applications Development

We provide world-class mobile application development services for all platforms and cell phones. Mobile is re-characterizing our lives. It is creating new business models, services, and innovate at an unparalleled rate. We create mobile applications for all platforms, and devices.

Web Applications Development

We utilize open source technologies to build dynamic and robust web applications. Be it your corporate website or your Intranet app, cloud-based or on premise, we give a scope of choices so you can pick the most ideal counterpart for your business needs.

Open Source Solutions

Open-source software development is the procedure by which open-source software, or comparable software whose source code is freely accessible, is created by an open-source software project. These are programming items accessible with its source code under an open-source permit to study, change, and improve its design.

Software Testing

We also influence our QA ability to give independent programming, testing services by methods for specially committed QA teams. A dedicated team reports legitimately to the customer, and works solely on a solitary undertaking, intently teaming up with the customer’s staff.

Digital Marketing Services

It is safe to say that you will get increasingly qualified and warm leads for your business? Is it accurate to say that you are getting your ideal outcomes from your venture on Digital Marketing? Give us a chance to assist you with achieving your computerized needs. Begin with the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore.

What Our Clients Say​

Winwolrd India Future Group, because of the speed with which they are finishing and handing over the project as promised, without any compromise on the "Q" factor, that is "QUALITY".


Exceptionally simple and reasonable to utilize, particularly contrasted with other services, what REALLY we need.


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