Automation Testing

Test Automation

Automation in software testing is required to launch new apps efficiently, release software updates to explore new business opportunities that usually only exist for a short period of time. Automated testing takes care of the reusability of test cases across multiple devices, browsers, thus increasing test coverage and reducing the cost of testing and testing time.

Companies around the globe consider software & application testing crucial. One such activity validates a software’s functionality, performance, quality & other vital aspects. But, with the ever-increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing is becoming day-to-day laborious, inefficient and expensive. To avoid such problems, the manual tester switches quickly to test automation, which automates the tasks and functions necessary to increase their quality and efficiency in detail. Other advantages of testing automation are:

  • Save time and money.
  • Increases your software & application’s effectiveness, efficiency and test coverage.
  • Minimizes manual procedures.
  • Consistent and accurate results are achieved.
  • Reduces development time due to higher test speed.
  • Runs test scripts without any labor costs at any time.
  • Can be executed with different configuration on multiple computers.
Automation Testing Services Bangalore

Automation Testing Methodology

To identify automatic manual tests, we use proprietary test techniques. Our test automation methodology is well accustomed to environment Agile and DevOps ensuring consistent ROI throughout the agile lifecycle. Our experts in test automation implement automated test suites with a focus on the suites ‘ long-term use. Key automation testing activities based on Agile include:

  • Small lean maintenance tests 
  • Loose coupling of tests data 
  • Periodic reviews 
  •  Analyzing opportunities for in-sprint and delayed automation 
  • Supporting multiple regression tests per sprint 
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog and test cases
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