Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Know how to enhance your creativity. Master how to unlock new possibilities and through that boost your productivity. Amplify your impact to leverage on the technological advancements. We, here at GC&C Technologies, embed AI capabilities in our software to provide you with more intelligent, automated solutions. From machine learning, to computer vision, to natural language processing (NLP), to forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support diverse business environments and scale to meet changing business needs.


With the advent of technologies, there are a host of solution providers. But what makes our AI solutions unique? Reasons galore. To mention a few, GC&C provides:

  • Trusted AI Services Provider
  • Custom AI solutions for business problem at hand.
  • Highly experienced AI/ML experts
  • Hands on experience in solutioning and building AI models
  • Start your own Innovation lab – Experiment with AI
  • Build for predictable results
  • GC&C Technologies is a partner in your AI journey – from vision to value

New opportunities for AI adoption crop up in all facets of our business, raising customer expectations and increasing competition. As you thrive and occupy a bigger market share, the pressure to digitize becomes even more apparent. In our rich professional practice, we’ve accumulated expertise in the digital transformation of a wide variety of industries and verticals. Particularly, the use cases applying AI and data analytics. If you believe that AI is not for you, check with GC&C – you may very well reconsider your decision. We’ll dispel the most common misconceptions and answer all your questions. We’re confident that the facts and our expertise will make it easy for you to not just reconsider but to conclude as well and then decide that AI should be in your immediate future.


AI is embraced by the most innovative companies

Numerous businesses across multiple platforms are capitalizing on the sheer branding value of the AI label. Most software brands, apps, and platforms you use every day are heavily and successfully reliant on data. Take for instance: Amazon in eCommerce, in travel, PayPal in finance, and so on. You can join that stellar list and reap the benefits of adding AI-driven to your landing page.

AI is accessible to small and mid-size businesses

Any business can make use of the AI technologies the big players use and solve problems or elevate customer experience tenfold or even more. Even without engineering experience, you’ll benefit from the training, mentoring, and expert consultation we provide enabling you to learn to use what in reality are not-so-complex AI systems, MLaaS platforms, or data management systems. Our task, here at GC&C Technologies is to pick the solution that takes your resources into account and puts the most forward-leaning tech at your fingertips.

AI brings a competitive advantage

With many industries being stuck in the legacy stage, even the smallest AI efforts on your part will be rewarded with decreased risks and expenses and increased effectiveness and conversions into sales leading up to revenue generation. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation which will be having cascading effect down the process line.

GC&C provides you with personalized AI-solutions that extract actionable insights from the large organizational data sets that you generate.


Though the applications of our AI solutions is quite extensive, some of the mission-critical areas where we can impact your business are:

(1) Developing Machine Learning Models

GC&C Technologies helps you monitor and develop various machine learning and deep learning models by creating models that make use of visual modeling tools. This helps you to quickly identify patterns and take crucial decisions faster.

We can develop Models in accordance with various end results such as:

  • Functionalities
  • Correlation
  • Classification
  • Clustering

Additionally, the capabilities of our AI services also help you gather insights across multiple data sources. This adds to the accuracy of the decision-making process and makes the outcomes more reliable.


(2) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

GC&C Technologies helps you leverage this business process automation technology to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks at your organization to make processes run smoother and more efficiently. Higher accuracy translates to the elimination of risks associated with human errors, thus saving you the involved costs and making your workforce more productive.

Through RPA, GC&C Technologies helps you define clear governance structures around IT applications. This eliminates customer pain points and empowers you to know the progress of SLAs in real-time.


(3) Deep Learning

With the capability to learn unsupervised from unstructured data, Deep Learning offers even more value to businesses today. Deep Learning services from GC&C Technologies help you leverage this potential by enabling you to cut costs and reduce the time frame of the required results, making it possible to execute repetitive work at the push of a button. This is accompanied by high-quality results with an ability to churn gigantic amounts of data without breaking a sweat. At the same time, this also translates to better output per employee by making it easy for them to focus on creative work.

Our Deep Learning services include:

  • Computer Vision: Face recognition, indexing, and photo stylization
  • Time-Series Data: Econometrics and Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection: Detecting inconsistencies in complex data sets


(4) Natural Language Processing (NLP Modelling)

Get empowered to master and implement any required human behaviour by mastering the physiology and beliefs that lie behind the behaviour.

Here is what GC&C Technologies help you achieve in the space:

  • Developing tailor-made NLP Modeling techniques to improve the performance of your business
  • Modeling of substandard behavior to understand which strategies need to be avoided
  • Using NLP Modeling to help you understand your customers more, how they think and how they are most likely to act


(5) Model Deployment, Training, and Testing

GC&C Technologies handholds you through the complete process of deploying the right AI models for your organization, testing it for the required results, and training you to bring you to speed with the requisite expertise.


We, accomplish this by:

  • Identifying the right model by finding a top performer who consistently produces the results that you want
  • Stepping into the shoes of the performer and assimilating their behavioral patterns unconsciously
  • Producing results that are similar to those of the top performer in the requisite time frame
  • Cleaning of the white noise to get a reliable pattern that incorporates only the required steps and eliminates obsolete ones

Once we understand everything about the pattern, we begin coding it.

Knowledge about the resulting model is then transferred to the right stakeholders of your company.

Any required re-training services are extended and feedback about the functioning of the model is collected by the GC&C professionals.

The driving force behind us here at GC&C Technologies is our understanding that, when systems start to learn by themselves, they not only become smarter, but they predict things that bring in commercial value, delight customers, optimize systems and pivot new business models.

Last but not the least, AI is powerful, we, at GC&C Technologies, develop it for you.