Data Science and Data Mining

Data Science and Data Mining

Data science and data mining is the exploration and analysis of large data to discover meaningful patterns and rules in order to devise solutions to most complicated business scenarios. It’s considered as the most demanding domain since it describes historical data and helps in predicting future outcomes. Additionally, data science and mining techniques are used to build machine learning (ML) models that power modern artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as search engine algorithms and recommendation systems. We at GC&C Technologies, relentlessly innovate our data science solutions. Our technical solutions are unique and tailor-made for each and every different business.


For instance, here at GC&C Technologies:

We follow a unique data science analysis and data mining process that involves six different stages, viz:

Our first stage is accurately establishing what the goals of the project are and how data mining can help you reach those goals. We develop a plan at this stage to include timelines, actions, and role assignments.

After the initial business analysis and domain understanding, data is collected from all applicable data sources in this stage. Here GC&C uses data visualization tools to explore the properties of the data to ensure it will help achieve the business goals.

In this third stage, we prepare the data obtained by the businesses. Data is cleansed, and missing data is included to ensure it is ready to be deeply analysed and later mined. Data processing can take enormous amounts of time depending on the amount of data analyzed and the number of data sources. Therefore, distributed systems are used in modern database management systems (DBMS) to improve the speed of the data mining process rather than burden a single system. They’re also more secure than having all of an organization’s data in a single data warehouse. It’s important to include failsafe measures in the data manipulation stage so that data is not permanently lost. GC&C Technologies has developed innovative solutions for this.

At this stage, Mathematical models are used to find patterns in the data using sophisticated data tools. GC&C Technologies has a labyrinth of tools and processes to model the data and make it fit for the next stage.

All the findings retrieved at the Modeling stage are then evaluated by professional team of GC&C Technologies and compared to business objectives to determine if they should be deployed across the organization.

In the final and most crucial stage, the data mining findings are shared across everyday business operations. An enterprise business intelligence platform can be used to provide a single source of the truth for self-service data discovery. Here at GC&C, we have pioneered a host of cutting-edge data science and data mining solutions to deploy the evaluated data to achieve the business goals.




The benefits of availing Data Science and Data Mining solutions from us are manifold. Our technical data science services help you leverage on our rich experience and expertise. Some of the benefits you get from our services are:

Automated Decision-Making

Data Mining allows organizations to continually analyze data and automate both routine and critical decisions without the delay of human judgment. For example, banks can instantly detect fraudulent transactions, request verification, and even secure personal information to protect customers against identity theft. Deployed within a firm’s operational algorithms, these models can collect, analyze, and act on data independently to streamline decision making and enhance the daily processes of an organization. GC&C offers you seamless automation.

Accurate Prediction and Forecasting

Planning is a critical process within every organization for every process. Our Data mining solutions facilitate planning and provide managers with reliable forecasts based on past trends and current conditions. It’s a well-known fact that Macy’s implements demand forecasting models to predict the demand for each clothing category at each store and route the appropriate inventory to efficiently meet the market’s needs.

Cost Reduction

Our cost structure for every data science and data mining processes is very competitive and affordable. In addition, our Data Science and Mining allows for more efficient use and allocation of resources. Your Organization can plan and make automated decisions with accurate forecasts that will result in maximum cost reduction. Delta imbedded RFID chips in passengers checked baggage and deployed data mining models to identify holes in their process can reduce the number of bags mishandled. This process improvement increases passenger satisfaction and decreases the cost of searching for and re-routing lost baggage. These are just a few examples. From our customized solutions, you can expect a big cost reduction in your process and product lifecycle.

Customer Insights

Firms deploy data mining models from customer data to uncover key characteristics and differences among their customers. Data mining can be used to create personas and personalize each touchpoint to improve overall customer experience. Just remember, in 2017, Disney invested over one billion dollars to create and implement “Magic Bands.” These bands have a symbiotic relationship with consumers, working to increase their overall experience at the resort while simultaneously collecting data on their activities for Disney to analyze to further enhance their customer experience. We, here at GC&C Technologies provide you with unbeatable customer insights so that your business can harness on them.

In summation, our state-of-the-art Data Science and Data Mining Solutions make us your one-stop solution for all your data deliverables. Get in touch with us today for an interactive deliberation.